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Tuesday Menu 3/14 and What I Do At School

Raisin Bran with soymilk. (270)

Peanut noodles and baby carrots. (365)

Potato chips. (150)

A black bean burger and curly fries at Lancaster Dispensing Co. I have no idea how many calories this contains.

Baby carrots. (35)

Total calories: 820 + however many from dinner. So unless the burger and fries tops 800 calories then I declare today a success. And if it does top 800 calories then I may need to leave this cruel world, because in no universe should a black bean burger do more damage than cake.

No pictures again today - sorry. On days that I have school I usually just exist on leftovers and quick fixes, because I don't get home until around 6 and depending on his schedule The Boy may not get home until as late as 10:30. Today was particularly stressful - we arrived in class today only to be told that we would be putting our current assignment on hold and doing a "rush job." We were given the project specs (a square-format illustration, any medium except oils, that illustrated a short essay) and the deadline (the end of class!) and told to have at it. Yipes.

I liked my initial sketch but it just never got off the ground. I made three false starts and finally just had to finish and hand in the third one. It was really bad, though. Like to the point that I would have almost rather just missed the deadline than present it to my teacher. It was just one of those days where nothing works out, you know?.

So I was pretty frazzled and feeling very down on myself, but I'm pleased to report that I did not give into the temptation to stop into the gas station and grab some Peanut Chews. I also got a bit of extra walking as well, which is always nice. I walk to school and back anyway, but I had to come home to get supplies, and then we walked to the restaurant for dinner, and then back to school, and then home again. I'm sure it doesn't work out to all that much distance, because everything is just a few blocks from everything else, but a little is better than nothing at all.

I have big food plans for tomorrow, so there will definitely be some photo content. Until then I have a little something different. it's completely unrelated to food, but I talk about school here sometimes (like today!) so I thought I'd give you an example of what I do when I'm not posting here. This is the last project we did in Illustration Studio - a caricature of a celebrity and their perfect pet. I chose Jenny Lewis (of Rilo Kiley, which is pretty much my favorite band) and a raccoon.

This is about half the actual size, and they are actually together like that in real life. I spent more time on Jenny, but overall I'm pretty happy with it. Plus I got an A, which is always nice.

rilo kiley! (i have a girl-crush on jenny lewis . . . )

I <3 RK and Jenny. :) She's absolutely adorable.

Wow, can you ever draw! Beautiful illustration. I am everyone's worst nightmare when it comes to Pictionary. No one wants me on their team :'(

I've had a longtime girl crush on Jenny. Ever since Troop Beverly Hills.

aw Jenny Lewis , how is she so cute, it's nuts.. If I didn't know who it was of (I don't want to be a stalker here, but seriously I'm not that familiar with Rilo Kiley's music) I would so hang art like that up in my apartment.

kat - Thanks! I don't think drawing skills really matter that much in pictionary, though. You have such a short amount of time that stick figures are inevitable. :) I've never seen Troop Beverly Hills, I should probably make a point of doing that. But I did catch her 5 second appearance in Pleasantville.

jess - Yeah, it's totally unfair that she hogs all the cute for herself. No one in my class really knew who it was, so I got all sorts of weird guesses. Ashlee Simpson? WTF?

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