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Workout Wednesday 5/17

Okay, so after skipping WW last week due to not being able to find a single damn minute to sit down and blog, here I am getting right back on the horse. As it were. Last week wasn't the greatest exercise-wise, either, as I expounded upon in my last post. I'm pleased to repot that this week has been much better so far.

Monday morning it was raining like crazy, so we decided to do weights and save the run for Tuesday. I did over an hour of strength training and half-assed yoga/stretching and was surprisingly not really sore at all the next day. I used my new stability ball for the first time, too - serious fun was had. Also serious falling over, because that thing rolls like nobody's business. Hmm, I wonder why? I think maybe it's the whole no corners issue.

Tuesday's run went very well. We decided to do Week 6 again, so it was 5 run/ 3 walk/ 8 run / 3 walk /5 run. I wouldn't say that I'm madly in love with running, but I have grown to like it well enough. Well, the afterglow more than the, um, during-burn, but overall I don't mind doing it. I really want to order some kickboxing videos so that I can have alternatives on days when inclement weather or my own inability to get my ass out the door interfere with running. I also want to get off the track, because while it's a comfy surface to run on and good for keeping track of distance, going around and around and around is just too boring for words. I like to feel like I'm getting somewhere, not just looping endlessly for 20 minutes. Next week starts straight 25-30 minute runs, so I'm going to look into finding some suitable trails to run on.

Today I did another hour of strength training with a bit of yoga/stretching at the end. I'm using 5-pound weights more often than the 3-pounders I started with now, so that's some progress.

However..... I still cannot seem to lose any weight. It's really starting to piss me off, too. I'm seeing little changes. I'm pretty sure I've lost a bit as far as measurements go. I feel better. I know this is working. But the scale just refuses to move. I'm eating fairly well. I've never been more active in my life. So what gives? I don't want to start tracking my calories again, but I will if I have to. This whole crusade isn't just about the scale, but the fact is that I will never be happy at this weight. It's just not going to happen. And it shouldn't happen. It's not like I'm at a healthy weight and am just in denial about it. So something needs to change, and the only place I can realistically lay blame is on my diet.

Is your scale broken? Not that you broke it but shit happens. Have you weighed youself on a different scale to check? Do you weigh yourself at the same time every week? I tend to like the mornings after using the bathroom and before dressing. This way I figure my body is as empty as it is going to get and thus at it's lowest weight.

I hate counting calories. With a passion. It is a big royal pain in the ass. I haven't been counting lately because it makes me obsessive, hopefully I can reign myself in with out the counting.

Patience... you *will* get there! The body is amazingly stubborn at the most inopportune times but I know that you will reach your goal weight.

It sounds so know-it-all like but I have been there with the weight thing and I hope you don't let the scale tell you how to feel about your body!

Unfortunately, when trying to lose weight, tracking calories is the surest (and yes, most annoying) way to go about things, and keep on moving.

For what it's worth, i'm supporting you all the way!

you should try going to long's park, you can run circles with the ducks!
but really, i can empathise with what you're going through - i've been feeling the same thing, only working out has lately been making me gain weight.
i'm pretending it's muscle, most likely on you for real. eventually, if you run enough and lift weights the fat will lose and have to let go (or so i tell myself)
what size stability ball did you get? if you are under 5'4" the big ones tend to roll away from you. i had to go back and get the smaller one

keep working at it! ^_^
ps hi, i've been lurking (curse your wheat based baked goods mocking me)

It's pretty cool that you are at least seeing a difference in measurements. I mean, I don't really keep track of my weight, but its always nice when a pair of pants you haven't worn in awhile feel real comfortable out of the dryer :)

jessie - I did not break my scale! Ha. No, unfortunately I think it's fine. It's old, but it was working a few months ago when I stopped eating crap and lost 6 pounds. I follow the same checklist you do: morning, post-pee, pre-clothes. And yet... ack. Counting calories makes me obsessive and eventually sends me off the deep end into a pile of warm delicious chocolate cake. It's a proven fact. But I don't see what else I can do, because not doing anything will just drive me crazy.

kleopatra - Don't worry, it's okay to sound like a know-it-all as long as you do actually know it all. :) I'm doing my best to ignore the scale and focus on the good stuff, but... well, you know. I have something of a history with taking all the right steps but never getting to the promised destination, as far as weight loss goes. It's always those times when I finally go all out, busting my ass and eating well, that I can't seem to shed any weight at all. Typical universe being an obnoxious jackwad, really. Thanks so much for your comments - they always manage to reassure me a bit.

jessica - I love Long's Park! I've gone running there a few times - dodging all the goose poop makes for a really fun obstacle course. :) My mantra lately has been similar to yours: It has to work eventually. At least that's what I'm banking on. I got the 55 cm stability ball, which was the smallest they had. It's a good size for me, it's just... okay, I have to say it: balls will be balls. Also I'm not the most graceful person alive.

I'm sorry I mock you with my wheat-based baked goods! It's unintentional, I swear. I was going to ask you if you live around here, but then I checked out your blog and discovered that your BF does. Would I know him? I ask as if you could possibly know that. But it could happen.

anonymous - That is such an awesome feeling. I have one pair that I can't actually wear anymore unless they've just been washed and dried, because otherwise they pretty much just fall off. They were a bit loose prior to all this, I'll admit, but it's still awesome.

Muscle weighs more than fat. In theory, you can look better and gain weight.

True, but I think I'd have to gain a hell of a lot of muscle to not lose any weight at all. I'm not bench pressing cars or anything, so I just don't think that's the case.

I'm not sure how you feel about it, but there are plenty of us veg*ns doing Weight Watchers (I'm one). There's even a Veg message board on the WW site.

I actually have a history with WW. I did it for about a year, lost nearly 30 pounds in the first 6 months and then stalled hopelessly for the last 6 despite consistent exercise. I went off the wagon, so to speak, and gained about half of it back. I've occasionally tried to count points again, because it's something I know, but it drives me crazy anymore. I get very obsessive and it never ends well. So although I know that WW does work, I don't think it's for me anymore.

Yay for you and the continued running and strength/stability ball training! I got the 55 cm one too, I’m a shortie. It arrived one the days I was out of the office sick earlier this week. It’s yellow and it makes me happy :) I think falling off the ball a lot is pretty much par for the course when you’re getting started, balance is hard! Glad to hear you’re doing some yoga, even if it’s half-assed ;) I’m still fighting my cough and sinuses and I’m a bit zapped for energy, I haven’t been to the gym in a week (yikes!). On the plus side eating nothing but soup and oyster crackers for a few days is making me weigh-in a bit lighter this week. God forbid exercise and a healthy diet should be responsible for any downward movement of the scale :/ And you’re right, if you keep on keepin’ on the fat will lose in the end!

I wish mine was yellow! It's white. Just white. I was very unhappy because every 55 cm ball I found was an ugly ass color. Seafoam green? No thanks. Is it horrible that I wish I could fall ill with something that rendered me unable to eat solid food so I could lose some weight too? Probably. I hope you make a quick recovery!

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