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Pancakes with Cherry Sauce

It's almost cliche to have pancakes on a Sunday morning, but The Boy and I both had the day off - which is cause for celebration if there ever was one. I used the Flax Berry Pancake recipe from Vegan Planet, minus the berries and with whole wheat pastry flour instead of white. The cherry sauce was just 1 cup of pitted cherries simmered with 1 Tbsp of sugar until saucy. I dissolved a little cornstarch in water and added that in because I wanted it a little thicker. I had watermelon and pineapple on the side, and it was a lovely start to what turned out to be quite a busy day.

And now I'm going to go finish up those cookies I promised you.

mmm..cherry sauce. Good use of all those cherries!

It was good! A nice alternative to maple syrup. Or in my case, fake maple-flavored syrup. For shame.

That’s funny, we had the flax berry pancakes on Saturday morning. But mine were with frozen blueberries and Jason’s were chocolate chip banana. I even took a picture, which I’ll get around to posting someday. That cherry sauce looks divine.

Chocolate chip banana sounds awesome! I always want to dump some chocolate into mine, but I just can't get over eating chocolate for breakfast.

that fresh cherry sauce looks so good!!

Vegan Planet rox my world. Nice pancakes with a beauty of a sauce on top. Glad you both had the day off!!

jenny - Thanks! It was cherrylicious. :)

kleo - It's a great cookbook; I actually need to use it more often. I kind of forget about it for some reason.

Vegan Planet stays out on my kitchen work area 24/7...

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