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Vegan Treats Coconut Cream Pie

This is the second thing I brought home from Vegan Treats - an individual coconut cream pie. Although in this case it was more like a 2-person coconut cream pie, since it took me two days to eat it. It was cocolicious, though! I am great lover of all things coconut, so this made me very happy. The big poof of whipped stuff on top was very rich, and the coconut filling was amazing - creamy and full of coconut flavor, but not too heavy. In fact I'd really like to know how to make it, because I'd eat bowls of it like pudding. I think the pie shell was lined with something on the inside, maybe a thin layer of white chocolate? There was definitely something there, but I don't really know what. The pie shell itself was good, pretty much what I expected from a pie shell. That's really all I can say regarding that aspect, because I'm no great connoisseur of pastry items.

The photo looks a bit blown out in the browser I'm using right now (Firefox), but it looks fine in the one I usually use (Shiira). I had to switch back over for a while because Shiira keeps crashing on me. Lame. I kind of hate Firefox because it displays my images wrong. It's like it doesn't read the color profile, even though it claims to. It's really frustrating. So I hope the picture looks better for you guys than it does for me.

The picture looks great! Unfortunately for me, I hate coconut, but when Danielle was perfecting this recipe she kept asking me to try the filling (ick!). Everyone else who likes coconut seems to really like it though!

firefox for mac had problems with images with embedded color profiles on the intel processors. i think an update came out, or at least was in the works. another option would be to save them in photoshop without the embedded profile.
it looks yummy in firefox on linux :)
does the coconut start about an inch up from the shell, or is that more poofy stuff?

the pictures looks great to me!
I'm impressed that you got it home still looking so good. I can imagine I would have got the whipcream all over the place

That looks so yummy!!! The pic looks fine in IE (unfortunately I'm using IE because I'm at my parents home right now).

jenny - Oh man, what I wouldn't give to be a taste-tester for this recipe! It's delicious.

jessica - My mac isn't one with an intel processor, so that's not it. The images come off of my camera embedded with an Adobe RGB color profile, which doesn't display right in any browser, so I have to change it. The thing that's weird is that browsers in general default to sRGB (what I convert them to), so there's no reason why Firefox should display it any other way. It's all very frustrating.

The coconut filling does indeed start above the shell. It was deeeelicious.

megan - It was actually a very sturdy little thing. I tried not to know it around or anything, but overall I was surprised at how well it held up.

vegandiva - Thanks! I figured it should look fine in pretty much everyone's browser but mine.

YUM! That looks soooooo freakin' good. Wow. I'm trying to figure out a way to do a road trip that would involve that bakery. And all these dessert pictures look fabulous!

Do it! It's worth it. Of course I don't know how far away you are, but seriously, it's like a vegan paradise. Bring an extra stomach.

Looks beautiful to me :) However I’m not a big fan of coconut when it comes to deserts, and for pie I am all about the fruit pie. Unless it’s peanut butter and chocolate, you can never go wrong with that combo. I’m kind of glad I don’t live anywhere near this place because if I did I’d have to hire someone to follow me around with a wheelbarrow to carry my ass in.

I like pie in most of its incarnations. Chocolate and PB is always awesome. Fruit is good. I've always been a fan of cream-type pies as well... coconut cream, key lime, lemon meringue. I don't eat enough pie, now that I'm thinking about it.

Actually that's probably a good thing, considering.

Vegan Treats is definitely dangerous. I'll probably make the trip up every once in a while, but I'm instituting one strict rule: I can only bring one thing home with me. Because this time I brought 3 and it's been sugar overload around here.

It looks outstanding.

How was the texture? And I want details of the stuff on top! I'm making a coconut creme pie tommorow night for a picnic, and I would love to have an idea for topping. Was it coconutty?
Okay, I'm done pestering ya ; )

It was outstanding! I wish I had another one. And another stomach in which to store all the goodness. The texture of the actual coconut cream was very smooth and creamy, sort of pudding-y put stiffer. The stuff on top looked like whipped cream, but was much thicker and richer. I have no idea how you would make it. It wasn't coconut-flavored that I could tell, just sweet and creamy.

Pester away! Just post about your pie when you're done, so I can make one of my own. :)

OMG!! Creamsicle cake, peanut butter bomb, oreo cheesecake, coconut cream???? How were you able to decide what to try? I will have to make it a life quest to go to this place. Thank you for the photos. They look fabulous.

wow. these are intense... enjoy!!

carrie - It was really hard to pick from the vast selection of goodies. But that's the best kind of problem a vegan could have, I think. So often it's the opposite. And the awesome part is that that wasn't even their whole line of stuff! I'll be going back at some point, for sure.

melody - I am! There's one more left. It's like xtreme vegan desserts. :)

This is amazing. I ate a pint of coconut sorbet (caobella, the best one) yesterday and it was nothing what this must have tasted like. Yum to this.

Coconut sorbet, you say? I've never seen such a thing in markets here. I love all things coconut, so yeah, this was a big treat. It was soooo rich, though.

I'm blown away. For several reasons.

First, I just came across your blog for the first time today, and it's wonderful. I've been checking out food blogs, in general but esp. vegetarian or vegan, for a few months now. And in all honesty, by far I like yours the most out of all the ones I've seen. This is my first comment anywhere, because I've never felt the strong enough desire to before.

The whole idea of blogs kind of hurts my head to be honest. But that's the luddite in me, probably.

2nd of all, why the hell is there a Vegan Treat Paradise in Bethelem PA for crying out loud? To feed the demanding meat-conscious popularity of 7.5 in those parts? I'm from outside Philly, and in high school went to many track meets at Lehigh, and my most vivid memory is the ubiquity of who-knows-how-many-days-old hotdogs. I live in BERKELEY now, for crying out loud, and it's hard to come across something simultaneously that delicious and vegan.

Anyway, mostly I am a fan. And it furrows my brow that you are located in an area I would have thought rural even when I lived in Pennsyltucky. No offense though, I think you seem awesome.


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh my my my. What can i tell you? I am drooling, hope i don't short out the computer...

If only Vegan Treats stores were like 7-Elevens ...

there is coconut sorbet at giant - it has milk in it for some reason though
*mean face*
what kind of camera do you have by the way? if i'm going to break down and buy a new one, i might as well get one i know takes good food porn! :)

anonymouns - First, thank you for commenting! I'm glad you like the blog enough that you were compelled to pop your comment cherry. :) Trust me, once you become immersed in the blogging world it's addictive.

Second, I think the reason for the location of Vegan Treats is that the owner was distributing goodies to restaurants in NY and Philly before she opened the shop, and when it came time to have an actual store it was more cost-effective to stay in Bethlehem. Plus, don't begrudge the vegans who live around here our treats just because we're in the minority! A lot of non-vegans buy goodies there as well, which helps to dispell the "vegan food tastes like cardboard made of twigs" myth.

Lancaster city isn't as rural as all that. I moved here for school from the Harrisburg area, and the Carlisle/Mechanicsburg area before that. Hell, before that I lived in Duncannon. Perry County, my friend. Where the 'tucky portion of the state is at the height of its power. I think it's a testament to how far veganism has come that I can not only get by but thrive in an area where carnivorous republicans are the norm.

To sum up: Vegan Treats is awesome. Lancaster is better than you think. And thank you for commenting!

kleo - Oh no, if Vegan Treats were as ubiquitous as 7-11's I would weigh 400 pounds.

jessica - Yeah, my old favorite coconut fruit bars have milk in them too. It's really annoying. My camera is a Nikon D70. I love it like a child.

that looks delicious!!!! great photo - as always :)


miss tiffie - Thanks!

raising_kahne - That was my reaction, too. :)

I think it's www.caobellagelato.com or caobellasorbet.com and they have a whole line. I have only had coconut and it was amazing, there is only 3 ingredients, coconut, sugar and a natural binder, I forgot which one. I got to taste it for free at Whole Foods and I immediately bought one.

Awesome, thanks! Unfortunately it looks like I'd have to go to Philly to get this stuff, though. :( What I wouldn't give for a Whole Foods...

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