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Chocolate Chip Cookies + Quesadillas

Last night I wanted cookies, but I didn't want anything too time-consuming and I definitely didn't want several dozen of them lying around. So I turned to Vive le Vegan, and made the Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies. The verdict? Yum! These are really good. They're nice and chewy on the outside, and soft in the center... plus the recipe only makes 10 or so cookies, so it's much more practical than most if you're only making them for one or two people. I'm sure they're just as good the next day, but unfortunately I can't say from experience... there aren't any left.

Quesadillas! Vegan Gourmet cheddar and sauteed onions, garlic, corn, broccoli, and black beans in a wheat tortilla. Super simple and really tasty. I had mine with ketchup for dipping (yes, I'm gross) and watermelon on the side. The Boy put some hot salsa in his and ate it that way.

I used to waitress at Friendly's back when I was in high school, and a lot of times people would mispronounce "quesadilla" when ordering them. Case-a-dilla was pretty common, as was keeza-dilla. One time I got queeza-dilla. They always emphasized that "dilla," though, pronouncing it just like it's spelled. So that's what I think of whenever I have quesadillas.

I love those cookies...they have great texture. I'm so jealous of your photo quality! I need a more expensive camera ;)

Thanks! But don't be jealous! Pretty much any camera can take good pictures. Natural light is key. :)

I haven’t made cookies in ages. I think I might just have to make a small batch for the plane ride on Thursday. I always add walnuts to my chocolate chip cookies, actually I usually try to incorporate some kind of nuts into whatever I'm baking because I just love them. That's funny about people not being able to pronounce quesadilla correctly, I don’t think I’ve ever heard it butchered like that. And yes, you are weird for eating it with ketchup. What’s wrong with salsa?

However you say it, these Case-A-Dee-Yas looks muy bueno. ;)

My real pet peeve is when Rachel Ray --who is supposedly Italian--mispronounces everything Italian. She's cute, but that grates on my nerves for some reason.

My boyfriend totally made 'case-a-dillas' for lunch this weekend.
I also probably discovered them, and *loved* them at Friendly's! I used to get the appetizer sampler of mozzerella sticks/quesadillas/french fries and just be a deliciously greasy teenager.

please move in with me. i wuv you.

Those look great. Yep, the cookies!

As for the quesadillas, it's so funny (but not) when people mispronounce them. Here in AZ you may get shot if you mispronounce them. Just kidding.

shananigans - I thought about adding pecans (because I hate walnuts with the fire of 1,000 suns), but opted not to the first time around. I like to try to stick to the recipe the first time I make something, so if/when I make changes I can see how they stack up to the original. There's nothing wrong with salsa... I just don't like raw tomatoes, and therefore salsa is pretty much dead to me.

urban vegan - Thanks! :) Everything about Rachael Ray grates on my nerves, mispronunciations included. At least she doesn't dramatically pronounce every Italian word like Giada de Laurentis, though.

jess - I know that appetizer platter well. It's the "munchie mania" platter, and I used to get it with cheese quesadillas, mozzarella sticks, and onion rings. Mmmm greasy delicious food. I haven't eaten there in ages. Probably since I stopped working there, actually. I ate so many of those freakin' platters that I got really sick of them. Ugh.

girl least likely to - I've always wanted more people around to cook for... ;)

eatpeaceplease - Thanks! I think it's pretty hard for a cookie to NOT look delicious, actually. :) As for the seriousness of quesadillas in AZ... I'd believe it. I'd guess the confusion regarding pronunciation is more common here in the Northeast, though. Especially in the rural or suburban areas I've lived in.

Those are great cookies. I love them.

They are! The pictures on your blog are actually what made me take a second look at the recipe. :)

I need to try those cookies. Just earlier tonight Vicki and i were discussing how awesome vegan desserts are and how vegan cookies and sweets are usually SO MUCH better than those that aren't vegan. Yours look so good. Way to stack 'em up. Such talent! :o)

The quesadilla is yummy, i can tell. Living just north of Mexico as i have for almost 3 decades, i know how to say it but i rarely get a chance to eat it... i don't want to even know what most of the local restaurants put in THEIR quesadillas. Yours are just perfect!

Mmm I love quesadillas filled with lots of veggies! I like to dip mine in salsa, but I like ketchup with my grilled cheeze!

I knew there was something I subbed fries for, of course it was onion rings!

kleo - I agree, vegan desserts are way better than "regular" ones. Thinking about all the eggs and milk and butter freaks me out now. Plus, you can eat vegan batter with impunity! :) The main ingredients in most quesadillas I've seen in restaurant: cheese (sometimes more than one kind), chicken, and the occasional vegetable. It's pretty dismal.

kelly - I love ketchup on grilled "cheese" too!

jess - I always loved those onion rings. Of course they're less actual onion ring and more like tiny bits of onion and lots of fried batter... but that's how I like 'em anyway. Ew, delicious. (Clearly I have conflicted feelings about food that's bad for me.)

yummy. I havent made me a quesadilla in a looong time(I dont like the fake cheeses), maybe Ill make me some without fake cheese...

Thanks to you talking about how awesome he is, I watch Alton on Good Eats all the time! I had only seen it like once, and didnt pay attention. So now that I actually watch it, I really like it. I watched the one where he cooked thai food, and it was really awesome. So thanks! lol

But then again, if you go to Spain, you probably have to say "quesadiL-ya."

Okay. Now let's talk about the cookies...

This is a great site! I found you through Slashfood. Alright, that picture of the cookies is a *very* mouthwateringly effective incentive for me to get "Vive le Vegan." I must...have...those...cookies!

Napoleon Dynamite: Well, what is there to eat?

Grandma: Knock it off, Napoleon! Make yourself a dang case-a-dill-uh.

To get technical, jarred salsa is cooked in the canning process, so the tomatoes in there aren’t really raw. But I can’t stand tomato juice, not even if you put vodka in it. I hate tomato juice, pickles, celery and green olives, so bloody marys are pretty much my worst cocktail nightmare. Not to mention most worcester sauce has some sort of beef flavoring in it. We all have our food hang-ups I suppose. Anyway, perhaps you would prefer a nice tomatillo salsa verde? It’s my favorite kind of salsa.

i tried to make chocolate chip cookies from "how it all vegan" last night, and it was disastrous...i don't know what i did wrong! any chance you could e-mail me this recipe? pretty, pretty please??


also, i grew up in southern california and i thought it was just a joke to mispronounce quesadilla. i didn't know until recently that people actually DO that. but i can't really judge, because i think i called quinoa "quuinn-o-ahh" for at least a month until corrected. :)

it all looks deliiiiicious!

The chocolate chip cookies from vive le vegan are AWESOME. I just made some yesterday, and my boyfriend commented that it would be great if we had these every week. I've been wanting to try the recipe from VWAV, but he likes the vive recipe so much that I'm scared to switch (he eats a lot more of the cookies than I do).

Love how you set up your pictures!

I'm such a fan of those cookie. they are true perfection in a vegan cookie =)

raising_kahne - Yay Alton Brown! :) I think quesadillas are just as good with no fake cheese. I don't put enough on to make it really gooey or anything, so it's not actually that noticeable.

kaivegan - Cookies are one of my favorite things to talk about. :) How do I love them, let me count the ways...

jonathan - Thanks! Also, holy crap! I didn't know I was on Slashfood! Damn son. And yes, you really should get Vive le Vegan. These cookies are just one reason among many.

anon - Well when you put it that way... Tina, eat your ham!

shananigans - Oh, FINE, get all technical on me. They still taste raw, though. And therefore gross. I've never had a tomatillo, so I have no idea what that'd be like. I've been meaning to try some fruit salsa, because fruit makes anything delicious. Except maybe soy dogs. I agree, tomato juice is nasty. I'll cook with it, but never drink it straight up.

holiday at sea - I've had some bad experiences with the baked goods from those books, so I can't say I'm entirely surprised. I'm sorry they were a disaster, though! I hate baking disappointments. I'll email you the recipe sometime tomorrow. :) I totally said quinoa like that, too. At least we're not alone in our loser-dom.

laura faye - Ha, I know, my boyfriend was ecstatic when I made them again yesterday. He could eat a batch every day if I made them, I have no doubt. :) The VwaV recipe is really good too, so don't fear the cookies!

joe - Thanks!

ms. mercedes - It's true! They're definitely up there with my very favorites. Which is actually pretty amazing, because I've never been a huge fan of straight-up chocolate chip cookies. Crazy, I know.

Wow! Those cookies do look good. I made Peanut Better cookies from Vive last week and really liked them. I'll have to try these chocolate chip ones. I also like the fact that the recipes make 10-12 cookies.
I always hear it pronounced Kay-sa-dee-ah. Is that not right? Either way, whatever you call them, they're mighty tasty!

The cookies looks super delicious and so do the quesadillas. Love the colorful dishes too. Is the plate your quesadillas are on vintage pyrex? I have plates that look very similar with the large blue rim and white in the middle.

I <3 those Vive le Vegan chocolate chip cookies. They are the best. Your Food Network post made me laugh. I don't have cable, but I used to (and still do, when I'm at my parents' house) watch a lot of Food Network. I think it's that Sandra Lee that pisses me off the most. Is it a coincidence that her name sounds kind of like Sara Lee?--because all her recipes involve "cooking" from a prepackaged mix or reconsituting a box of something. . . while getting sloshed on margaritas or something of course!!! And Rachel Ray. . .EVOO!!!!!!!!OMGZ!LOLZ!. . .seriously--wtf!? Anyway nice post, as usual.

carrie - Kay-sa-dee-ah is right as far as I know. People just butcher it in so many amusing ways. :) I've been thinking about making the peanut butter cookies, but haven't yet because peanut butter cookies are one of those things that sounds better in my head than it ever actually is. But I trust Dreena's recipes, so maybe I'll give it a go.

vegan diva - My plate isn't vintage pyrex, unfortunately. It's from Target, as are most of my dishes. I love pyrex, but unfortunately don't have any. :(

sarchan - Ha ha, Sandra Lee is totally always sloshed while making her Betty Crocker cake mixes. :D That's awesome. In response to your other comment about Jamie Oliver... I've only actually caught his show once, but I do like his accent. Mmmm accents.

This looks awesome!

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