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Tempeh Gravy and Mac & Nooch

Tempeh and White Bean Sausage Gravy from VwaV, mashed potatoes, and steamed broccoli. I love this gravy. It's so amazing. I also love mashed potatoes. I kind of forgot how much. Also: new plate! I'd been eyeing these at Target for months, and last time I was there they were on clearance so of course I snapped up the two that were left. I love them. I've just kind of accepted the fact that I can't be happy with matching dishes like a normal person, so from now on I'll be collecting interesting pieces whenever I see them/can afford them.

Ellen's Macaroni and "Cheese" from Get Sconed!. I was a little skeptical about this, because the first nutritional yeasty cheez sauce that I had was that Road's End Mac and Chreese, which tastes like cardboard and sweaty feet. I was hoping this would prove more successful, and of course it did. Next time I'll add more garlic powder and more salt, but overall it was really tasty. And super simple to make, which is always a plus. It was great with some broccoli thrown in, but tomorrow I think I'm going to get a little adventurous with the leftovers.

My Bowls! You bought my Bowls! oh right and the photograph looks wonderful too.

I'm in the mood to cook something yummy today and I think your pictures inspired me to give VwaV another shot and make some White Bean Sausage Gravy. That and the recipe sounds a little like comfort food which I am totally in the mood for.

Have you checked your blog out in explorer? I don't know why but the content columns don't stay where they are supposed to be in that program.

Make the gravy! It's awesome. And definitely comfort food.

I haven't seen my blog in IE. IE for Mac appears to be pretty much unavailable, and I didn't think to check it on Adam's PC. Fuck. All of these little bugs are such a pain in the ass.

Yumm, broccoli!

:) Mikaela

That gravy is the BEST!

Hey, I collect interesting/unusual crockery and I think it's great - especially when you have a food blog lo :-)
Who wants to keep showing photos of the same plates?
Cheeze sauce tasting like sweaty feet?! YUCK!

jamtacular - I love broccoli! :)

thisgirlsgonnagetrocked - It is! It's awesome, I love it.

freedom - Very true. I've been getting very bored of my dishes. The Road's End Mac and Chreese was totally gross and deserving of the sweaty feet label. Not that I've ever tasted sweaty feet, but you know how that goes. It kind of tasted like sweaty feet smell, I guess. Disgusting.

love the plates! And they match your headband ;) I also think that non-matching plates are better than "sets" it allows you to be more creative and indulge yourself!

i love how isa's gravies are meals unto themselves. i usually have to thin them out quite a bit.

I was eyeing this gravy recipe, maybe I will have to try it soon. I would also like to try that cheese sauce but I will have to wait till I find some nutritional yeast that agrees with me first. Right now I have KAL “Imported Yeast”, which after trying Tings snacks that claim to be coated in nutritional yeast I’m beginning to think that the stuff I have in the canister is not the same thing. It most defiantly doesn’t taste much like cheese. What brand nutritional yeast do you use?

BTW, love the polka dot plate! I like mis-matched table ware too :)

pure zuke - They do! I love polka dots. :)

joanna - They totally are. I usually thin mine out more than this, but either way it's delicious. I was actually thinking that this could be used as a sandwich spread if you kept it thick.

shananigans - Try it! It's awesome. My nutritional yeast is just whatever is in the little bags at my health food store. The brand I see most often in regular containers is Red Star, which I've never tried. I love Tings. They're actually what made me give nutritional yeast another shot.

I hate matching place settings. They are so boring and plain and I would get sick of them right away. I love buying all different ones at random times and I have certain favorite dishes depending on what I am eating. That photo of the gravy makes me want to try that one now. I debated, but went for the Punk ROck chickpea gravy. Funny, I posted mashed potatoes and gravy today too.

Had I seen those plates in the store, I would have thought of you immediately! How perfect?!

leslie - The punk rock chickpea gravy is awesome too. I need to make that again soon. I definitely have favorite dishes for certain things, too.

megan - Ha! That's awesome. :) Clearly they were meant to be.

Mmmmmmmmmmashed po's. SO GOOD. Yes, i also love the plate and bowl, esp. the polka dots. Festive!

"... tastes like cardboard and sweaty feet" ... oy, FUNNY!!!

Thanks! Mashed potatoes are total comfort food. :)

I'm glad you tried it out! I can handle the shells & chreese and actually like the 123s - but I have strange taste buds sometimes.
I *always* up the garlic powder and paprika in that recipe and sometimes add cayenne. I get sick of it, too - ha!
Of course I love the plates, by the way. We bought all matching green plates long ago, so lame.



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