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Low-Fat Brownies

So I'm counting points at the moment, working on this whole weight loss thing. But I have a massive sweet tooth, and every so often (and by "every so often" I mean "every five minutes") I need to feed that urge. Preferably without blowing my diet in the process. Enter the low-fat baked good. A strange and elusive creature, often just an unpleasant cardboard knock-off of the original. Often, but not always. These brownies are exceptionally low in everything that's bad for you, but they still taste pretty good. I used this recipe, and followed it pretty much to a T. I think the only change I would make in the future would be to use a bit less salt. There was a bit of an odd saltiness to these that I've never noticed in a baked good before.

I will say straight up that these are not what I really think of as brownies. They're good, and they're seriously chocolatey and deceptively rich and I will likely make them again, but brownies? Eh. I'd say it's more like a really fudgey cake. So if you're in the mood for a real live brownie, try a different recipe. But if you want something dense and chocolatey that won't break the diet bank, give these a try.

They worked out to be 3 points per brownie as I made them. Not bad.

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They look yummy!

I love that you include the WW points in your more recent posts, because I keep my weight down by counting calories (it really does work!). Any ways, I was wondering if there was a way to convert points to calories so that I would know how many calories were in the recipes you post?


I made brownies the other day and they are probably 12-15 points. Seriously. I really should have looked for a healthier recipe. Agh! We're eating little slivers at a time so we don't go overboard. But, little slivers are really quite sufficient.

it's nice to see another vegan keeping points. your treats look yummy :)

Nice brownies! Slow but steady wins the race! Eat less, drink lots of water, don't feel deprived!! Exercise and lifting weights help a lot!! I have lost 145 lbs. so far!

looks very good!

Good to see you back to posting! I've been lame about posting due to moving and job hunting, and well I guess I just really want to chill out in my down time these days. I like making baked goods healthier when possible, that brownie looks like it would do the trick in a chocholic attack. Looking forward to more posts from you.

you're back! :)
At holiday time i'm just full of sinful delights. I can't help it haha


Hmmm...I think I made this exact recipe once upon a time. I don't remember how I felt about it, though. The brownie sure looks delicious - and I love your pretty plate!

The brownies look like they would satisfy my sweet toooth. Gorgeous photo as always.

There's a great cook book made for people like us - those who love their sweets and don't want the weight. It's called - Lickin' the Beaters by Siue Moffat. It's all low-fat vegan desserts. You should check it out. I think Microcosm Publishing still has some.

hey, just thought i would post my latest healthy treat...
buy no pudge fudge brownie mix and you can make the brownies with low fat yogurt (which the box calls for)...or i just put in a 15 oz can of pumpkin...THEY WERE REALLY GOOD! my mom had one without realizing they were healthy (which was an even better sign that they were good) you cant taste the pumpkin. try it...seriously...they are good!

Have you ever tasted brownies with peanut butter and almonds it is completely amazing.

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