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Lightlife Reviews, Part II: Smart Strips Chik'n Strips

Another one of the goodies in my Lightlife box were these Smart Strips. Now, I love these things. They were the first mock-meat I ever tried after going vegetarian lo those 10+ years ago. I loved them then and I love them now. They're the perfect sort of chewy and a bit juicy, but not in a gross way at all. The flavor is salty and savory and just... well, really damn good. But it's also subtle enough that you can use these in just about any type of dish.

Plus they pack a nice hit of protein and fiber - 14g and 4g, respectively - with no fat and just 80 calories. They work out to 1 WW point per serving.

My final rating for these is a 10/10, plus two thumbs up. I love them.

The chick'n strips adding their awesomeness to my stir-fry with peanut sauce.

The representative from Lightlife also sent along a link for $1 off coupons - check it out here if you're interested.

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I love those, too! My non-vegan boyfriend does, too. I put them in a Thai dish the other day and they worked really well.

You know, I have never tried those, but I bet my boyfriend would go for it. Are they pretty 'chickeny' or can you get past that if it's there?

I don't like things that are overly "meaty," but I love these... so I guess they're not too realistically chickeny.

I've also used these many times in the past. They work great in stir-fries and fajitas. What else have you got in your Lightlife box? Hmmmmmm??

I've never tried those Lightlife stips. I think I've at the Morningstar Farms ones, but didn't really care for them. But thanks for the coupon link, I may in fact give them a try.

I tried the coupon link but it didn't work. Could you email it to me? kt2879@yahoo.com

We have just started with less/no meat and the Lifelight strips are the best non-meat meat we have tried.

So sad that their Smart Tenders are not vegan.



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