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Playing Catch-Up

I never seem to have the time/motivation during the week to update, but I have been taking pictures of the more interesting things I eat. So here's a whole bunch that have been collecting dust on the harddrive.

Chickpea and Spinach Curry from VwaV. Seriously delicious and very low in points if you reduce the oil. I was low on spinach so I only used half the amount that was called for; I'm looking forward to using all 10 cups next time. I love me some spinach.

My second attempt at seitan. Based on this recipe, but with onion and garlic powder thrown in. And some nutritional yeast. And twice as much gluten flour, because the texture was weird. I wrapped the seitan log in foil and baked it that way instead of in a pan with broth. It turned out much better than my first attempt at seitan, but I'm still going to keep trying new recipes.

The seitan, sliced and sauteed with bbq sauce. Pretty tasty.

Flax-Berry Pancakes from Vegan Planet, with crushed pineapple in place of the berries. I always use whole wheat pastry flour for these.

Peanut Butter Oatmeal from Peanut Butter Planet. This was interesting. I'd try to make something similar, but I wouldn't make this exact thing again. I like the idea but I didn't love the recipe, basically.

I actually made a chickpea curry today, but I used a recipe from vegancooking on LJ. I also stole your idea and made samosa filling as a side. I can't wait to dig in.

those pancakes look delicious!!!

congrats on the seitan. glad to see you going through the tries. i haven't even made my first attempt yet.

The seitan looks fantastic! Did you wrap it in foil *and* bake in broth? It seriously looks like it was in cheesecloth or something.

christie love - The samosa filling is fantastic. I need to make that again soon.

linda - Thanks! Seitan is something I really want to like, so I just keep trying.

jess - Nope, I just wrapped it in foil and twisted the ends tightly. There was a post on the ppk board where someone baked seitan that way, and I thought it sounded like a neat idea.

Great photos as always :)

That curry is a favorite of mine.

The seitan looks really good!

Okay, how can peanut butter oatmeal be bad? Say it ain't so...

I liked the look of all your food, but especially the seitan- what perfect shape/texture! I've never made my own, and that's because the weird sponge look turned me off- but yours inspires me to give it another try.

All your food looks delish. It helps that you have such pretty plates - I love the polka dots (Target?). I really need to make my own seitan...

I <3 your polka-dotted plate. And now I feel compelled to make the VwaV curry, 'cause I have chickpeas on hand. . . Lovely food and pictures as always.

Did you sub the yeast for the chickpea flour? I have only simmmered mine in the past thinking that the seitan would be too dry otherwise, BUT there is always a good chance of making cream of wheat gluten soup by accident.



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