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Saturday Menu 3/18 - BBQ Tempeh and Roasted Veggies

A chocolate-orange muffin. (247)

2 apple-cinnamon rice cakes topped with 1 Tbsp of chunky peanut butter and 1 Tbsp of golden raisins, plus green grapes and baby carrots on the side. (325)

Another chocolate-orange muffin. (247)
1 maple brown sugar multigrain cake. (50)
3 Tbsp chocolate chips. (210)

Sauteed BBQ tempeh and roasted carrots, potatoes, and broccoli. (448)

2 caramel rice cakes. (100)
A mandarin orange fruit and gel cup. (60)

Total calories: 1,682

Not a horrible day, calorie-wise. I went a little nuts with the chocolate chips. Dinner was kind of thrown together on a whim, but it was very tasty... with the exception of the broccoli. I'm pretty sure you an roast broccoli, but obviously I don't know how because it was really dry and the florets were just this side of burnt. Not the best broccoli ever.

Also, holy crap do I love rice cakes! I have 3 kinds in the house right now, and I ate some of each today. I ate more calories in rice cakes than I did in chocolate. Craziness. But it was delicious craziness, especially the ones with peanut butter on top. Mmmm.

I'm kind of hungry right now, even though I shouldn't be. Probably because I pigged out yesterday, now my stomach is all, "Excuse me, where is my constant influx of foodstuffs? NEED MORE COOKIES!" I'm going to try to stick it out with water and distractions, because seriously, I don't need anymore food.

Oooo, that tempeh looks super delicious.I've realized I like tempeh a lot more than tofu. And seitan more than tofu as well. Poor tofu. And I LOVE rice cakes with nut butter...totally delicious.

and I want some grapes now...I like to freeze them and have them for snacks. so good.

Yeah, I pretty much only like tofu when it's deep fried into oblivion and covered in General Tso's sauce. And even then I only really go for the smallish pieces. Tempeh, on the other hand, is my one true love. The jury is still out on seitan. It's not bad, but I need to experiment with it a bit more.

Truthfully, I don't like frozen grapes. The Boy loves them... they're very popular... but I just can't like them. The texture is so weird.

That's the best looking bbq tempeh I've ever seen.

Thanks! It was really tasty. I love tempeh. :)

For roasted broccoli you need a little fat on them so they dont get dry. Ive seen spray cans that you can put your own oil in. Using one of them would help if you're trying to lose weight and dont want all the extra oil. Or Pam if you use that. Or you could wrap them in tin foil with some water but that would be more like steaming them.

What kind of texture does seitan and tempeh have? I dont really like tofu, except silk, because it has the texture of scrambled eggs. So im a little scared to try the other meat subsitutes.

One last thing. If you like blueberries you should try freezing some. They have a smooth creamy texture, kind of like sorbet.

I thought about putting some oil on the broccoli, but for some reason I neglected to. Next time I'll definitely make sure it's not just in there dry, because that was kind of gross actually.

Tempeh and seitan have completely different textures than tofu. I'm not a big fan of tofu myself, mostly because of the texture - it's too mushy and spongey no matter what I do to it. Seitan can vary depending on whether you make your own or buy it. The recipe I use (from Vegan with a Vengeance) makes seitan that is dense and chewy without being rubbery or spongey. Store-bought stuff tends to be even chewier still, which I actually prefer. I made bad seitan once and it was really spongey and gross. That's definitely not how it should be.

Tempeh is my favorite of the three. It's firm, with kind of a nutty texture if that makes sense. Like boiled peanuts maybe? Or not. I'm not very good at this game. :) The flavor can take some getting used to, so I'd reccommend marinating it. Tempeh bacon is an excellent place to start. There are recipes everywhere online, but I have a really simple standby recipe. 1/2 c water + 1/3 c soy sauce + 2 Tbsp maple syrup + a few drops of liquid smoke = a delicious marinade for your tempeh strips. Sometimes I stir in some tomato paste, and that's a nice addition as well. I let it marinate for a few hours, then pan-fry it. I like to pour a little of the marinade into the pan as it cooks to really sear in the flavor. I've had tubs of tempeh marinating in the fridge for a week or maybe longer, so it keeps well.

Thanks for the blueberry tip!

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