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Thursday Menu 3/16

A chocolate-orange muffin. (247)

Baked falafel, lettuce, and tahini sauce in a whole wheat pita, with baby carrots on the side. (420)

Another chocolate-orange muffin. (247)

Plain old spaghetti with tomato sauce. Perfect for when you're feeling lazy. (290)

1 c green grapes. (60)
3 Tbsp chocolate chips. (210)

Total calories: 1,474

I'm loving the muffins, in case you couldn't tell. But I did fine calorie-wise, so go me.

OMG, the cat is being so damn annoying. I can't wait until she gets old and fat and lazy.

What do you use to calculate your calories? You have made me curious to see what my daily intakes are.

I get my info from Nutridiary.

Thanks, it looks awesome..and free is always good!

wait, where did the recipe go?

Sorry! It's back now.

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