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Sunday 3/19 - Cats Not Cookies

No menu today, because I basically ate like shit and don't feel like writing it down and reliving the horror. You know, the sad thing is that after all those delicious cookies I just feel like throwing up. I really do feel so much better when I eat well. And yet I still shovel crap into my mouth at every opportunity. I need to get one of those awful electric fence/shock collar systems and set it up to zap the hell out of me whenever I go near junk food. Oooh, chocolate! *electrocuted!*

I have what I'm eating tomorrow all planned out in my head. I'm going to try to keep it light, mostly because right now my stomach is just... ugh. Just thinking about food makes me queasy. So actually I should probably stop thinking about what I'm going to eat tomorrow. Man, I'm so smart it hurts.

Anyway - I lieu of actual content, here's a picture of Miss Scarlet. Because cats are the best kind of filler. As opposed to the best kind of filling, which is almost certainly not cats. I hope.

Oh man, I hear you! I need one of those collars too. I ate more this weekend than I thought was humanly possible. (Maybe a slight exaggeration). There's always tomorrow, right? I also have my day planned.
Pretty kitty by the way.

Aw, sweet Miss Scarlet! :) Yeah, use tomorrow (today) to get back on track. I plan to do the same. I made the mistake of baking VwaV's "Chocolate Raspberry Blackout cupcakes on the weekend. They are intensely good but I have no idea what their caloric value is. I'm pretty sure though that it's not zero ;)

carrie - Yeah, the nice thing is that there is always tomorrow. And since I've stuffed myself to the point that there's no room for tomorrow's food, it shouldn't be a problem. :)

kat - I want to try the Raspberry Blackout Cake sometime, but I don't usually have occasion to bake fancy cakes. And baking them just for me is actually a form of suicide. Have you ever make the Raspberry Chocolate Chip bars? Because they're freaking amazing. Also not registering a 0 on the calorie scale, though, I'm sure.:P

Try the Raspberry Blackout! But make it as cupcakes. Seriously, the easiest thing ever. So easy in fact, that after I had baked the first batch I got excited since I loved them so much and promptly put together a second batch. Hehe. I baked for 18-20 minutes instead of 40 minutes when making the cupcake version instead of cake. There's no layering or fancy pans required. Just cupcake liners, baking, and then frosting. MMMM....I think it made two dozen or so. Now excuse me...I have to go gather the ingredients for the chocolate chip bars. Raspberry+chocolate=best.

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