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Tuesday 3/21

I basically ate the same thing today as I did yesterday, except we went to the Dispensing Co. for dinner. I got my usual black bean burger and curly fries, and it was tasty as ever. So I'm not sure how many calories I ate, but I don't think it was too terrible.

Tomorrow I think I'm going to attempt the Seitan Stroganoff from VwaV. I've never had stroganoff, so I don't know what it's even supposed to taste like... but The Boy has been craving it, so we may give it a go. If not then I'll likely try something else, so I'll have some new content regardless.

My iPod died today. It was very sad. I submitted a service request and should be getting my shipping materials soon, so hopefully it won't be too long before I have a shiny new iPod. I'm a little bitter, though. Since I'm past the 6-month mark on my warranty I had to pay $31.90 in fees, which is so ridiculous I can't even describe it. Argh.

Aw. Too bad. Would this still be the case if you went in to the Apple store instead of going through the mail?

I think it's the same no matter how you get it to them. I Googled the phenomenon to be sure. Getting to the nearest Apple store requires a little day trip anyway, so this is more convenient anyway.

My i shuffle broke too. Looking on the web for help, I got the impression that these things break a lot. For the price you pay, compared to a 30$ discman, you'd think they'd last longer. Apple is n't getting anymore of money for a long time!

Aww man, that sucks about your iPod! I don't know what I'd do if mine died (it's 2 years old). I seriously don't know how I'd survive a day in my work environment - it's soooo noisy and distracting.

OH! On your request I set up a blog! Hope you don't mind, I used the same template as you. I find it easy on the eyes. Go enjoy reading about my weight loss journey, if you want to!

grace - I've had mine for just under a year, so I'm really glad it broke now if it was going to break because the warranty is nearly up. It's shitty that they charge you $30 to fix it while it's still under warranty, but I do so love my iPod and Apple in general, despite their customer service issues. They just make such pretty products.

kat - Awesome! I'm glad you joined the blogging ranks. :) I like the template we both use, it is pretty easy on the eyes. Re: iPod - I had to be at school without it yesterday and I felt like tearing my hair out. I couldn't concentrate on anything with all the voices floating around. Actual human voices, I mean. Not crazy person voices.

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oops wrong blog..it's a late night.

To your post I say..I want to try black bean burgers, as it may be my new favorite bean. I look forward to hearing about tonight's dinner creation as well. My friend returned my copy of VWAG a few nights ago, and it's not leaving my sight again. Have you tried the chipotle black bean soup?

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