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Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Mini Cake, and a Stir-Fry

Breakfast! Flax-Berry Pancakes from Vegan Planet (my regular recipe), minus the berries and with a Tbsp or so of mini chocolate chips mixed in. Sliced strawberries on the side, and a little dollop of Soy Whip on top. For as decadent as it looks/sounds, it was actually pretty healthy - whole wheat flour, no oil, etc. Tasty, too! The mini chips were the perfect size - regular ones would've been too much.

Look, Ma, a mini cake! I went to Kitchen Collections yesterday before work and picked up two round silicone mini pans, plus a set of mini bear and bunny pans. They're all adorable, but today I went with the round pans - and ended up with this little cake. It's Kittee's chai cake, the recipe for which you can find here, down in the comments. I changed a few things, though - I used whole wheat pastry flour instead of all-purpose and I used applesauce and 2 tsp of oil in place of the fat. I halved the recipe to make a single 8'' cake, and I had enough batter to make 3 mini round cakes. I whipped up a small batch of cream cheese frosting and made one mini layer cake, then just frosted the third one on its own. Each cake got a little sprinkle of cocoa powder (locally made!) and cinnamon on top. They're so cute! And delicious. We can't forget delicious.

And then we have dinner, which was just a big ole' stir-fry. Broccoli, green peppers, carrots, garlic, fresh corn cut off the cob, and lots of tempeh. Mmmmm tempeh. Nothing fancy, but it really hit the spot after a day in the kitchen.

Dinner looks wonderful indeed! The cake is adorable. You could open your own Vegan Treats!

Aw, thanks! I've thought on more than one occasion that someone should sell vegan baked goods around here - either via a store or maybe a stand at the farmer's market. Because really, the limit to what's available is the packaged stuff at the health food store. Mostly cookies. It's disappointing. But I don't really know what the market would be for it anyway, given the typical carnivorous nature of the folks around here.

Choco chip pancaskes are my favorite way to wake up. Looks like you had an incredible food fest.

The mini cake looks scrumptious and so cute! The pancakes look delicious. How do you like Soy Whip? I've seen it at various vegan stores online and was wondering how it tasted.

urban vegan - I haven't had chocolate chip pancakes in ages because they're on the junkier side of breakfast food, usually, but these weren't bad. Very yummy, too. :)

vegan diva - Thanks! I think mini version of anything are cute. Soy Whip is pretty good. It's got a heavy soy taste, and actually isn't very sweet on its own - but since you're eating it with sweet things that's not really a problem. Obviously the soy taste isn't a big deal for people who already eat a lot of soy, but I can see it turning off people who don't.

Looks amazing. Your blog inspires me to try out a lot more vegan recipes (even tho I'm not)... those pancakes look DELICIOUS!!! hahaha... I just got into work & it's 9 in the morning and now I wanna try your dinner :)

Everything = YUM! I was going to make blueberry pancakes sometime soon, but I might have to make chocolate chip ones instead. I don't have mini-chips, though. (I usually just sprinkle a few regular chips over each pancake as they cook.)
AND, hooray for whole wheat pastry flour! I go through so much of that in my kitchen.

miss tiffie - Thank you! Seriously, that's probably the biggest compliment I could receive concering this blog. :)

catherine - I found the mini chips (along with some other awesome/hard to find thing) at a candy store a few weeks ago and have been dying to try them you. They're so tiny and cute. They'll probably be going into my next mini cake. :) Whole wheat pastry flour is the best thing ever - I don't use white flour anymore unless I'm baking for non-vegans and I think they'll make a fuss.

I just have to say, your photography and food presentation are AMAZING! I love the way you frame and light your pictures. The polka dots behind the cake are too cute. Nice work!

Your photos blow me away. I'm going to do a tempeh stir fry tonight or tommorow night for the first time in years, by the way!
I'm excited, how silly is that?
The cake is adorable, sadly I really don't like chai cake though.

That cake is the cutest!

Love the food. That stir fry looks just superb. "Nothing fancy" ? It is gorgeous, truly.

I'm so impressed at the lovely pancakes with no oil. They look scrumptious.

I won't even start on the mini cake (great background with the polka dots. How cute!)... tres bien! Adorable and good. I could go on and on about this... yum!

Anything mini is adorable, glad to hear the cake is tasty too. I love those pancakes, they’re pretty much standard fare for weekend breakfast at my place. And I just discovered I can get whole wheat pastry flour in the bulk bins at Whole Foods for just $.89/lb. I don’t see any reason to use white with that stuff around. Sometimes if I’m baking for people that I think might object to whole wheat I use half white/half wheat. I’ve yet to have anyone notice…shhh.

Hey, any suggestions of what to make from La Dolce Vegan?

yay for cake! i was thinking i would make carrot cake in my bunny pan so your cream cheese icing couldn't have better timing - how did you make it?
that stir fry looks great too!
and maybe we should make a vegan booth at central market. hehe!

1. i had chocolate chip pancakes on sunday and monday. we are so awesome. (yours were healthier.)

2. you made kittee's chai cake! eeeee! this is on my shortlist of things to make Right Away. i'm so happy to be nudged into doing that more quickly.

3. i love you, you know.

orangina - Thanks! The polka dots were a last minute inclusion and I kind of love them. I think they may become my new dessert backdrop. :)

jess - Go tempeh! I love its nutty little self. I don't blame you for being excited. I have two blocks of it in the fridge right now and that's enough to excite me. I'm sad to hear that you don't like the chai cake, but I'm betting you will like the next one. Oh yes, there is a next one.

As for La Dolce Vegan, I've actually only made one or two things from it. One was the cinnamon spice veggies and couscous, which was pretty good. The other was, I believe, some kind of spanish rice that was very mediocre. Oh, and the red lentil pasta sauce which just pissed me off. So I'm actually not much help on that front.

leslie - Thanks!

kleo - Aww, you always leave the nicest comments. :) The oil-free pancakes are so tasty that I have no desire to make ones with oil in them. I just really don't see the point of oil a lot of the time.

shananigans - Lucky you with the bulk pastry flour! My health food store doesn't have a bulk section at all, and only sells ww pastry flour in little 3 lb bags. I'll have to see if the health food store back home has it in their bulk section next time I'm there.

jessica - I had the exact same thought about carrot cake in the bunny pans. :) Great minds think alike. And love carrot cake. I've actually thought about having a vegan stand in the market... in my wildest dreams, that is. That would be so much fun.

girl least likely to - 1. We are definitely awesome, even without the pancakes.

2. Make it now! You must! I'm actually very surprised that you haven't made it yet, what with your deep and abiding love of all things chai.

3. Aw, yay! Never underestimate the power of baked goods, I always say.

will you platonic marry me?

p.s. still waiting for cookie recipe. somewhat desperately.

I will! And oh crap! I totally forgot to send you that. I'm sorry, I suck. I'll send it now.

I really need to get mini cake pans! They sound nifty for when you don't want to make the full size of something and they are so cute at the same time. Your cake looks scrumptious!

And those pancakes are so light and fluffy. I'll be sure to pull out Vegan Planet next time I want pancakes.

wow... I just found your blog and your photos are amazing! I'm a new vegan and still a little scared of trying Tempeh, but it sure does look good in your photo!

Pure Zuke

kelly - Thanks! The mini pans are the best. The only problem is that now I want to make mini cakes every day. Eep.

pure zuke - Don't fear the tempeh! It's my absolute favorite of the vegan trifecta (tofu, seitan, tempeh). If you're making it for the first time I'd probably recommend simmering it for about 10 minutes. I don't bother anymore, but the first few times that really helped make it more palatable. Tempeh bacon is a good first recipe.

Thanks for stopping by!

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