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Vegan Treats Rocky Road Brownie.

This little hunk of delicious is the third and final thing I brought home with me from Vegan Treats: a rocky road brownie. Marshamallows, chocolate, and what I assume is white chocolate top a fudgy frosting, which in turn tops a very tasy brownie. It was really good. So good that I meant to only eat half and save the rest for Adam, but then I ate the whole thing because I couldn't stop myself. I kind of felt bad for a minute, but then I remembered that he still eats eggs and junk and therefore can get his own damn brownie.

I really like the Vegan Treats brownies. They're pretty much what I think of as the elusive "perfect brownie." I'd love to know how to make them myself.

Oh, and they freeze well too. I popped this in the freezer when we got home from the bakery, and then just let it sit on the counter for 20 minutes before I ate it. So stocking up is an option. A very dangerous option.

I agree about the brownies, they are amazing!

Before the owner started making the brownies to sell, she gave me the recipe (she used to make them all the time for her friends) - ironically as many times as I've made it, it NEVER comes out right - not a single time!!

Unfortunately at this point I can't share it (since she sells them and all) - but it doesn't matter anyway- there's a little something special that goes into the brownies at her "Wonka-like" bakery that just can't be replicated!

PS - I love y our colorful plates/bowls!!

I'm so jealous that you possess the recipe! Even if they aren't quite the same, I'm sure they're still damn good. I need to mess around with a few different recipes and find one that I like. I'm always hesitant to make brownies, though. I've gotten terrible results too many times.

P.S. - Thanks! :) I like them well enough, but by now I'm jonesing for new stuff. It's like an addiction.

You're killing me over here. I hope you realize that.
But what a sweet way to die.

That brownie looks so good :)

aaugh! These keep getting better and better!

Wow, that looks so yummy. Its a good thing I already worked out today, so I'm motivated not to pig out...but yum yum. I'm the same way about my bf...if there's some sort of vegan junk food in the house, and only a little left, its mine, because he's got way more options!

Oh, how good that looks! DANGEROUS! But worth it...

Oh to have that recipe!!

YOWZA! i can't stop looking... torture!

carrie - I'm sorry! But you have to admit, death by cake and brownies is not a bad way to go out. :)

vegan diva - Thanks! I wish I had another one. My hips are pretty glad I don't, though.

raising_kahne - I know! But it's over now. The parade of Vegan Treats has ended for the time being.

melissa - Seriously, it's like... once you go vegan we can fight over the last of the Soy Delicious. Until then, step off son.

kleo - It WAS dangerous! I think it was the fudgy icing that elevated it from "dangerous" to "pure evil," though. If I had that recipe I would need a forklift to get out of bed in the morning.

I think a decent gluten free brownie is possible, this picture inspires me to try.
I still ponder how they make vegan white chocolate, I guess it is just a lot of cocoa butter?
I picked up some mini pans this weekend - let me know if you want one.

I'm sure a gluten-free brownie is possible. In fact, Dreena gives a wheat-free option for the brownies in Vive le Vegan. I don't know if that means gluten-free as well, though.

I'm pretty sure vegan white chocolate is just cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla, and possibly soymilk powder. I need to order some. I used to love white chocolate.

Where did you get the mini pans? I haven't had the chance to get out to Target or anywhere yet, because of work and junk.

I broke down and went to a kitchen store (and spent way too much money) and they had Hamilton Beach silicone ones. I got the bunny and bear. I picked up the mini round one - but it looks like you can get them online for the same price I paid!

Yeah, I just checked your blog and saw the bunny and bear. I want them SO BAD. My scream of girlish delight upon seeing them was audible for at least a mile in all directions.

I already used the bunny to mold chocolate soy delicious :)
I'm putting peanut butter whiskers and eyes on him at this very moment :)

I'm glad that this is your last treat from Vegan treats because you are driving me insane with these delicous pictures.

"He can get his own damn brownie"! Too funny. That's how I felt about Ray but he no longer eats eggs (still dairy) which makes me HAVE to share now. I would have had the whole thing too. How *can* you stop yourself?

jessica - I saw your ice cream bunny! He's cute and delicious. I went today and got the pans, animal friends included. I'm so excited! OMGZ!

grace - Sorry! But what better way to be driven to madness than by desserts? I probably won't be going back for a month or two, so you have some time to recover. :)

leslie - When faced with a brownie like this, I really don't think stopping at half is an option. I was fighting a losing battle. :) In any case, I suspect Adam will go vegan eventually and then I'll have to share... but until then, the last of any vegan treat is mine!

WOW, I could so go for another brownie. I just made some an hour ago and my brother and I ate the whole batch!

I'm so jealous of your brownies. I never make them at home because I can't be trusted with a whole pan. This one was freakin' amazing, though.

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