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4/8 - Spicy Peanut Noodles, Udon-Style

I spent about half an hour looking through cookbooks tonight, trying to decide what to have what for dinner. I had it narrowed down to two recipes when my stomach suddenly became a ravenous black pit. Both recipes required over an hour of cooking time. That simply would not do.

So I turned once again to my trusty peanut noodles, only this time I had to use udon noodles because that's all I had on hand. I've never had udon noodles before tonight... they were interesting. Very chewy. And salty as all hell, though maybe that was just my particular package. It was still good though. But I'll admit I do prefer soba noodles.

Today marks the end of week 1 of Operation: Shake That Ass, aka my workout plan. (I like to give these things official names. I don't know why. Perhaps my subconscious has military aspirations. Any plan is more fun covert ops-style.) I did my strength training routine after work, and The Boy joined in. He was amazed at how difficult it was. He had more trouble than I did, actually. I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy that a little, since he's not overweight at all. Fat doesn't always equal out of shape. Not that I'm in shape or anything. I'm not. But I've always been very healthy despite my excess weight.

Anyway, I enjoyed my first week of ass-shaking and am very much looking forward to staring week 2 on Monday. Good times.

I made spicy thai peanut sauce yesterday.. and it tastes yumm.. but not as yumm as peanut butter.. I dont knw, but I cannot stop myself from eating peanut butter.. its normal right?? :p

And you talk about yummy pictures over on my blog. Soba noodles rock!

Congrats on keeping up with the workout this week. I just started a new job this week and boy is it kickin my ass. I had the best intentitions of doing a running/strength workout but I was to exhausted. This week will be different because at least I know what I'm in for at the job and i can plan accordingly.

kunsjoi - Don't feel bad. Peanut butter is like delicious kryptonite. :)

jessiegirl - Your picture was yummy! I don't lie about these things. :) Soba noodles are awesome, I need to replenish my stock. I totally understand getting bogged down/having your ass kicked by your job. Don't beat yourself up about it, because this week is another chance to start over. I love how cyclical everything is.

Excellent work! That is awesome that you were motivated by your first session and are gonna keep going. Strength training is SO important; you can't just get away with cardio. It's the muscle work that helps increase your metabolism and shed fat. I have a strength training workout to do today; the gym closes at 7 so I have about 6 more hours of procrastinating to do. But I *WILL* do it!

mmm, I loooove soba noodles. and rice noodles too. I'm lovin' "Operation: Shake That Ass." Hot! Keep up the amazing work, you kick butt!

Oh peanut sauce, I had it a couple times this week too : )
I had it over rice with veggies, but that didn't compare to the wonder of peanut noodles at all.
Do you make a really thin sauce, thick sauce..?

kat - I'm really enjoying the strength training; I feel like it rounds out my routine in a way that just doing cardio doesn't. I wish I would've discovered it before. :)

ms. mercedes - Thanks! I'm trying to kick butt, anyway.

jess - I make a moderately thin sauce, I guess. I feel like it covers the noodles a little better that way. I can't imagine peanut sauce on rice... I don't know how I'd feel about that. Noodles definitely win that fight.

hey vegancore:

I finally made my own seitan.. yay!! Click here to see it!

The noodle dish looks really good.
Have fun with you S.T.A. (shake that ass)program.
I remember when I invited hubby to join me in a flexibility work-out on DVD. He had more trouble than I did too, which was surprising to me. Keep us posted with you STA program:)

I wouldn't be that surprised about the flexibility, since women are naturally more flexible, but I did expect the strapping young man to handle dumbbells better than me. :)

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