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Thursday 4/6 - Red Lentil Pasta

It was 9 o' clock and I was trying to find something to eat for dinner, so I decided to give LDV a try because I know Sarah has a lot of quick recipes. Red Lentil Pasta caught my eye. I have about 800 boxes of pasta in the cupboard and I love red lentils, so I made it. Bad decision. I was thoroughly underwhelmed.

I'll admit that I got impatient and didn't let the lentils cook all the way. I figured that since I was pureeing it anyway I could just toss in a little extra water and it would be okay. Well, not so much. It was a little crunchy. But flavor-wise it was lacking as well. I added some carrots and yellow peppers to the mix, as well as about 2 times the salt the recipe called for - and it was still bland. So it was crunchy, bland, kind of dry, and surprisingly high in calories. I'm a little angry about that last one. That stupid bowl of unappetizing pasta had more calories than any single meal I've eaten this week. GRRR.

So, a swing and a miss for LDV. I'm not posting the recipe because I don't want anyone else to suffer the same dismal dinner fate. (I almost wrote "dismal dinner destiny," but that would've been 10 pounds of alliteration in a 5 pound bag. Damn!)

The rest of the day was fine, though. Oatmeal with raisins, pecans, flax, and maple syrup for breakfast. Leftover samosa filling, grapes, and fresh pineapple sprinkled with coconut for lunch. An apple with whipped peanut butter and a caramel rice cake as a snack after I did my strength training. And right now I'm enjoying my nightly chocolate chips. So I'm around 1,600 for the day, I think, which is fine. I haven't been counting calories during the day, but sometimes I do a quick estimate when I'm done eating for the day. It's a hard habit to break.

Tomorrow is the last run of the week. It's supposed to rain in the morning, but it's also going to get up into the 60's so I'm not complaining.

thats to bad about dinner because the picture looks delicious. On a differnt note, come check me out - i finally put down roots in the blogosphere. http://newvegan.blogspot.com

Sweet, another recruit! We will take over the world one veg blog at a time. :)

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